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Bruce Bermann
Bruce Bermann
February 17, 2021.
Had Efficient replace a humidifier and tune up furnaces the other week. Nothing but good things to say about the experience-timely, accurate, complete. Definitely recommended.
Troy Suarez
Troy Suarez
January 13, 2021.
The tech arrived on time and was very friendly. I got a text from their automated service that told me the tech was on his way so I didn’t have to sit around and wait. He serviced my furnace and garage heater and explained what he did when the job was done. They also provided recommendations for a chimney issue that was outside their expertise. Will definitely be using them again.
Colleen Huber
Colleen Huber
December 17, 2020.
Absolutely phenomenal service! Chris has assisted me twice, he’s incredibly professional and knowledgeable!! Matt has assisted me once and he’s also incredibly professional and knowledgeable! Both men are kind and considerate! Absolutely wonderful service! Always on time! Always a joy to work with! They’re simply the best!!
Alan Lubow
Alan Lubow
November 28, 2020.
Good Value. Quality Workmanship. Reliable Forced air Gas Furnace at a fair price. We were referred to Efficient Heating and Cooling from a neighbor. We received two quotes: one for an updated version of our 30-year old furnace and one for 95% efficient furnace. The costs were in line with industry standards so we went with the 95% efficient furnace from Efficient Heating based on our neighbor’s recommendation. The installation went as planned; the workmanship on the sheet metal and air intake and exhaust vending was spot-on. From start to finish it’s just what you expect - quality work, quality product, fair price.
Karen Lavin
Karen Lavin
November 27, 2020.
They cleaned the furnace and caught a damaged part causing our humidifier to not work. We were unaware of the problem. They fixed it in no time and everything is working more efficiently now.
Jason Alt
Jason Alt
November 19, 2020.
Justin and his team were great. Very nice and easy to work with, and they went the extra mile to track down and solve my furnace problem. I will definitely use them again in the future.
joe smith
joe smith
November 7, 2020.
Informative. Matt came by and walked us through everything. Explains how our system works and what may cause problems. Expert advice was offered and we felt comfortable with the entire service along the way. Justin and Chris did the install efficiently and clean. I was happy to hear back from for a follow up.

Smart Thermostats

A thermostat might seem to be a basic feature of your home, but it can have a big impact on your energy bills. Did you know that the right thermostat can help you save up to 10% on heating and cooling costs per year? In fact almost half of monthly energy costs are controlled by your thermostat so a smart thermostat can help reduce your energy bills.

Thanks to the Internet and the digital revolution, you can now turn down the heat, turn on the lights, adjust the shades, and lock the doors simply by tapping a phone app or talking to a digital assistant. Smart thermostats has changed the way we work with home heating and air conditioning. They intelligently adapt beyond manual programming to learn and identify ideal settings for greater efficiency, create energy usage reports, and even alert you when it’s time for routine maintenance. 

Smart Thermostats

You can easily control your comfort settings, and set or change your schedule remotely via phone app or wi-fi connection. Some of the key pieces of information to know are:

  • Know Your Equipment & Your Wiring
  • Choose Your Type and Identify Compatibility
  • Understand the Installation Process

During the heating season, you may set your thermostat to a cooler temperature while you are away so you do not waste energy (and money). To do this, you might program your thermostat to come on a few minutes before you arrive home or you might just manually turn up the heat. What if you could use your phone to tell your thermostat you were on your way home? Or what if your thermostat could sense when you were close to home and calculate the optimal time to make your home warm and cozy for your arrival? 


There are so many types, and brands of thermostats on the market, and not all of them may suit your home’s equipment and wiring. With some solid research, however, it is possible to find a thermostat that can keep your energy bills at a minimum. If you use a smart thermostat in your home, you can remotely monitor your home’s temperature. You can do so using your smartphone or your computer! Depending on the smart thermostat, you can adjust heating and cooling in different rooms.

What Smart Thermostat Is Best For My Home?

The ecobee and Nest are widely considered the best two smart thermostats available. If you read just about any smart thermostat review, you’ll see these two almost always come out on top. Both of them, however, come with their unique sets of advantages and disadvantages. If you want to select the correct product, you need to carefully compare their offerings and purchase the one that’s most suitable for you. At Efficient Heating & Cooling we recommend the Ecobee. Here are some details of why.


Ecobee – HIGHLY Recommended


Heightened Senses

Ordinary thermostats read the temperature in just one room—usually the front hallway. Understandably, they can struggle to deliver comfort in the rest of the home.

Pair your ecobee smart thermostat with up to 32 sensors to detect both temperature and occupancy throughout your home. Each SmartSensor you add increases your smart thermostat’s ability to deliver comfort in the rooms that matter most and better balance out hot or cold spots.

Introducing eco+

eco+ is a free upgrade exclusive to SmartThermostat with voice control customers that works in the background to deliver maximum energy efficiency and comfort with minimal effort on your part. Learn more about eco+.

Smart Home & Away

Smart Home & Away detects occupancy to automatically adjust your thermostat to save energy when you leave home and restore your comfort settings when you return.

Follow Me mode

The occupancy sensors in your smart thermostat and SmartSensor(s) detect which rooms are in use and adjust the home temperature accordingly for comfort in those rooms. Over time, your ecobee thermostat learns your family’s occupancy habits and automatically adjusts the temperature for smarter comfort and further savings.

Smart Recovery

With the Smart Recovery feature enabled, your ecobee thermostat uses local weather information, your occupancy habits, and an ongoing analysis of your HVAC system’s heating and cooling patterns so that it’s always the right temperature at the right time.

Thermal Protect

Keep your home comfortable and prevent your HVAC system from excessive runtime with Thermal Protect. With it enabled, your ecobee thermostat will ignore a sensor when its readings diverge from those of your other sensors beyond a certain customizable limit. (This can sometimes happen when a sensor is placed in a room that tends to get hotter (e.g. attic) or cooler (e.g. the basement) than the rest of the home.)

Home IQ

Shows you how much energy you’ve conserved each month and gives you valuable insights into your heating and cooling equipment. It’s like a home energy audit at no additional cost!

Alerts & Reminders

ecobee thermostats carefully monitor your heating and cooling equipment’s performance and will let you know when your system needs servicing or maintenance.

AC Overcool to Dehumidify

If you don’t have a dehumidifier hooked up to your heating and cooling system, your smart thermostat will use your air conditioner to lower indoor humidity.

Robust staging options

ecobee thermostats are optimized for use with multistage heating and cooling equipment. They will engage the higher stage when the indoor temperature is far from the desired temperature and switch back to the lower stage as it gets closer to your desired temperature. You can also control staging using advanced setting options.

Optimal Humidity

In homes with humidifiers, your ecobee thermostat will regulate indoor humidity to prevent frost build-up on windows when it’s cold outside and indoor humidity is high.

Fan Dissipation

After a system heating or cooling cycle, your ecobee smart thermostat will run the fan to get the most heating or cooling and dehumidification out of your equipment.

Free Cooling

In homes with ventilators, when your ecobee smart thermostat recognizes the telltale temperature drop of a cool summer evening, it uses the outside air instead of your air conditioner to cool down your home.

Compatible with most HVAC systems

ecobee thermostats are compatible with most HVAC systems, including radiant heating systems, multistage, and dual-fuel heat pumps. 

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From furnace & boiler repair to air conditioning replacement, we provide services that keep the air you breathe clean and keep your home or business at the perfect temperature. Our technicians are like EMTs for your HVAC, offering a full range of heating, cooling and other services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Give us a call today at 815-347-8353. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is standing by waiting to hear from you.


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Extensively Trained Technicians - Efficient Heating & Cooling
Extensively Trained Technicians

Our technicians are extensively trained and continually being trained on the latest technology. Rest assured we won’t be coming to your home to practice.

100% Drug Free & Background Checked - Efficient Heating & Cooling
100% Drug Free & Background Checked

You can trust the person entering your home. All of our technicians are 100% drug free and background checked to ensure your highest safety.

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Family Owned & Operated

We are a family owned and operated company dedicated to helping our neighbors– You can expect only honest recommendations we’d advise for our own family.

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CALL FOR DETAILS - (815) 347-8353


CALL FOR DETAILS - (815) 347-8353


CALL FOR DETAILS - (815) 347-8353

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We offer a 1 year guarantee for Heating or Cooling installation services for all of our customers in McHenry, Lake and Cook Counties. We stand behind our service and products and are here to free you from worries related to any Cooling & Heating Systems. This is our efficiency guarantee and we are ready to provide one of the best HVAC companies in the Chicagoland Area!

* 2-Year Residential Warranty – Residential, 1-Year Commercial Warranty (Non-Customer Error)


At Efficient Heating & Cooling we know that sometimes budgets can be broken by emergencies. We offer the opportunity to find a plan that fits your budget. With flexible financing options, you can invest in your house or respond to an unexpected heating or cooling need without breaking your budget!


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"I highly recommend efficient heating and cooling!!!! Justin and his team are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and the customer service is amazing. Their response time is very quick and they are always on time. We have used them for a number of things including installation of a garage heater, installation of a new HVAC system, and AC maintenance. They do amazing work and we have loved every experience with them!"

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